Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time Just Flies By

Boy time just seems to be going by so fast these days. I cannot believe that it is already Nov. October was super fast and busy for us. Here are the highlights.
NOTE: This is a very long post. :)

The month started off with a lot of boxes because we sold our house and moved into a rental until our house is built.
During fall break, I was able to go with Katie Lee to storytime. It was so much fun for her and the other kids. I wish that I could take her every week.
James and Katie Lee showing off their black cats that they made.
Helping move. I don't know what I would have done without the help of Gary, Scott, Hayden, Mother, Daddy, and Kathryn. They were all a BIG Help!!
Taking a break from moving with Daddy and Scott.
First nap in our new house.
Found some time to play doll house with Gary.
Singing in the rain.
Playing dress up with the jewelry we found in the attic. It was Donnie's Mother's. I had saved it after she passed away so that if we had a little girl one day she could play with her GrandDot's jewelry.
Even Aunt Kitty looked super cute playing dress up too.
We went to a friend of Donnie's wedding. Katie Lee slept through it all except the cake at the reception.

Silly time. It is truly amazing what you find when you move.
Dancing with Daddy.

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