Monday, November 30, 2009

Smith's Thanksgiving

Saturday night the Smith family gathered at Freddy and Charlotte's house for supper. It was so good, and I finally got my Thanksgiving turkey! (My uncle Harold can smoke the best ones!) Our family seems to get bigger every year. This year Noah (Matt and Leah's little boy) was a new addition and Emily is engaged so Keith will official be part of our clan by this time next year.

Katie Lee and Addie Mae had the best time playing together. They played so well together which is always nice. Katie Lee had been talking about Addie Mae all day and wanted us to get her that morning and take her shopping with us. :)
Baby Noah slept through most all of it.

Katie Lee, I think, is a little on the jealous side when it comes to one of us holding a baby. She wants no part of a baby, and the talk of a brother or sister just really upset. Good thing we aren't ready for another one anytime soon.

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Al and Brooke said...

Glad you got your Thanksgiving Turkey! Looks like Katie Lee did not like Donnie holding Noah in the last picture!!