Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

Aren't all weekends busy these days? Friday night, Katie Lee and I joined Virgil for Thanksgiving at the Manor. The ladies there had prepared turkey and dressing and then the family members brought the fixings for our feast. All of the food was really good. I think Virg. and Katie Lee enjoyed themselves. They had music while we ate which kept Katie Lee entertained long enough for us to eat.

Saturday, we headed to Huntsville shopping. I think that I am about finished with all of my shopping. We first went to the Delta Zeta Marketplace, the mall, Hobby Lobby, and Target. We met up with Donnie and my Daddy for supper later that night. While we were at the mall, Katie Lee saw Santa. Of course, I really did not think that she would sit in his lap but she did!!! I was so surprised. I let her out of the stroller and told her to go tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She RAN up to him JUMPED in his lap and gave him a big HUG!!! I could not believe it. I did get the picture because I thought next year she may be afraid, and it was just too cute. She also gave him her Christmas list----clothes!!

Sunday after church I took Katie Lee to have her picture made with the photographer that Beth Tuten was selling. I think that they came out really cute. I cannot wait to see.

We did take some time to be at home and play. JuMpInG on the bed is Katie Lee's favorite night time treat!

Enjoy the week!!!

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Oliver Hudgins said...

Ahh, bed jumping, the favorite past time of Mr. O as well. I'm terrified he's going to break his neck, but I remember all too well doing this same thing! Love her jammies!