Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sittin' Like A Lady but Spittin' Like a Man

Here is a pretty little picture of Katie Lee sitting all girlie in her new ballerina pjs. Crossing her legs has become her new thing.

A few hours earlier, I picked her up from Grammie's. They were all outside. She was sitting on her chair (side table that goes to mother's patio furniture, but is the perfect size for her to sit on). She has her legs crossed and her hands folded just like a beauty queen. Once she gets settled nicely in her chair she so casually leans over and spits in the grass!! I think my girlie girlie has some tom boy in her too. This we can thank her daddy and poppie for. She also thinks that if the windows in the car are rolled down it means that you have to spit out of them too.

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Alicia said...

That's funny! I love the picture too. She looks so proper. Cute little title too!!