Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lucky is Home

About two weeks ago, Donnie calls me after school. His first words are "How much do you love me" Well, knowing Donnie so well, I knew that meant money or something was wrong. He goes on to tell me that we lost $800. I am thinking stocks fell or something. He continues telling me how we lost a cow. I knew that we had just gotten a couple more so I thinking he brought some sick cow and it died. Finally he completes the story, by telling me that one of our cows got out and they cannot find it. I am still not thinking this is a big deal, Zeb's cows get out all of the time. I figured that it would be in the field over and be back in our fence within the day. Well, a week later, our cow is still not home. Donnie calls the Ardmore police to find out if anyone has spotted a lost cow. He puts an ad in the paper. I am by this time just thinking it's gone and I forgot about it. Anyway, Donnie comes home Thursday night and tells me that they think that our cow has been found. He got a phone call from someone wanting him to describe it. It is a big black cow looks just like most other big black cows. Well, sure enough it is our big black cow with the white 63 tag in its ear. Today Donnie got Lucky back. Lucky, so kindly named, not only survived outside of his home fence, but crossed HWY 53 in down town Ardmore without being noticed.


A Lovell said...

So glad Lucky made it home safe and sound!

Beth said...

Congrats! The name does really fit. Maybe Lucky will decide home is the best place to be!

Al and Brooke said...

Yea, Lucky's home!!