Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crepe Myrtle Festival

This morning, Katie Lee and I went the Ardmore Crepe Myrtle Festival. It was at the park. I have not been in several years and boy has it grown. There were lots of vendors selling goodies, girls painting faces, churches performing, beauty queens, and lots of rides. After I looked through all of the vendors things, it was time for Katie Lee to play. We rode the train first. She waved at everyone. Then it was off to the playground. I love these small town festivals. You know everyone and their brother. :)

Ready for the Train Ride
Playing at the playground

Waiting on the puppet show.

Ready to go. Balloon dog and a purple heart painted on her face

makes one very sleepy girl.

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Carolee said...

It was good to see ya'll today! Love the pic on the train ride....see my bunch in the background. :)