Saturday, August 1, 2009

Date Night

Last night, Donnie and I had date night with some friends. Donnie has had to take off several Friday's here lately which means that he is home on Friday night too. Boy, do I wish he had normal hours and was home at night.

Anyway, we met some friends for Mexican food for supper. Then it was off to the movies to see

It was really funny. I also think that it was the first movie we have seen in years.

After the movie, we went for dessert and I had


Dana said...
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"Allie Play" said...

Looks like fun. You always take the prettiest pictures of food. Yummy!!!

Amber Ellis said...

Yummo!! That looks great.

Glad the movie was cute, I've been wanting to see that one!

Alicia said...

There's just not much better than an applebee's blondie...except maybe movie theater popcorn!