Sunday, August 9, 2009

Katie Lee's Birthday Party

Saturday, we celebrated Katie Lee's Happy Day. She never says Happy Birthday only Happy Day. I think that is pretty cute. We had her party at the park with all of friends. She had a butterfly party. All the girls wore butterfly wings ( for a few seconds) and the boys had nets. She wanted a yellow butterfly on her cake. I did not tell Debbie that is what she had said but when I picked the cake up she had made one big yellow butterfly on the top. Katie Lee was super excited. I think that all of the friends had lots of fun playing and I am sure they all had great afternoon naps. I have lots of pictures but I will only share a few for now.

About to cut the cake with Mommy and Daddy.

All of Katie Lee's friends singing Happy Birthday.
Running and playing with their wings on.

Her butterfly cake.
Opening Gifts. She is loving playing with all of them.
Aydan came to play after the above picture was taken.
The family. Too bad Uncle Wez had to work.
After her nap, I had all of her toys in the floor. It was like seeing them all for the first time again. She would pick up one thing and begin playing then see something else. She played for a long time. I even feed her lunch to her in the floor because she would not stop playing to eat. :)

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A Lovell said...

Looks like Katie Lee had a Happy Day! I hate we missed it...we have been missing a lot these days. I'm glad the kids had a good time and that the cake withstood the heat!