Friday, May 15, 2009

Who Needs a Pool?

Since it has rained for so many days, the yard between Mother and Daddy's house and Jane and Gary's house is full of water. This has happened for years. As a kid, it is a great place to play. Growing up I played and "fished" in this water. Tonight, we let Katie Lee play in it. She had so much fun running, hopping, and rolling in this water. Of course, Daddy and I had just as much fun watching her. This may become Katie Lee new favorite outside thing.
You know, it really is the simple things in life that are the best.

Had to try the water out by sitting in it.

After she ran around in it, she ran back up to the house to get her big wheel.

Crawl around in the water.

I even rolled up my jeans to join in the fun.

Running around in circles.

Running with Poppie.

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