Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day. Our morning started off with Donnie going with my Daddy and Zeb to Dog Days while Katie Lee and I slept in.

Here is Katie Lee sporting her pigtails watching Handy Manny waiting on her Daddy to get home.

Then it was off to Mother's for breakfast--biscuits, chocolate gravy, bacon, sausage, eggs, gravy, and fruit. Katie Lee was so excited that everyone was together.

If you have never had chocolate and biscuits, you're really missing out. I do think Mother's is the best!!

She has also decided that she is "BIG" and needs a big girl seat rather than her high chair. We visited for a while and enjoyed the morning.

We then left to go to the cemetery to put flowers on Donnie's families graves. We then had to do a little shopping at my favorite stores Hobby Lobby and TJMaxx.I purchased a pot to make a topiary with and a maxi dress.

Katie Lee playing in the car after nap while I shopped.
That afternoon we stopped by to see Virgil. They were having a cook out for all of the people that live at the Manor. Katie Lee had a ball entertaining all of the old people. I really wished that I had taken my camera in because she got a ride on the seat of Virgil's walker as he pushed her back to his room. We ended our evening with steak and potatoes at Mother and Daddy's for supper and her wonderful banana pudding. What a great day! I love when the three of us have an entire day together.

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Alicia said...

Days like that just go by entirely too fast don't they? Glad you had a good long weekend!