Saturday, May 9, 2009

Katie Lee's new cousin

Kathryn called last night to inform me that I was an aunt. I could not believe it, but I knew that she had taken off yesterday so it all made since.

Well, before I could get too excited and even tell Donnie the news, she goes on to explain that I am an aunt to a baby kitten. That completely changed my mood. A mother cat had kittens under Kathryn and Zeb's house, and one of the kittens got stuck in the foundation of the house (they live in a 100 year old house), and the mother cat left it. Zeb crawled under and found the kitten last night. They were very glad that it was a kitten (Not a snake like the one that she found in her bathroom one morning and then Zeb got carried away with the moth balls under the house, or a skunk like Mother and Daddy had under their house a few months ago.) It was only a gray and white baby kitten. They think that it may be about 2 weeks out, and Zeb is feeding it from a little bottle.

Tonight after going out to eat, we took Katie Lee up to see the kitten. They named it Dusty since it was so dusty when Zeb pulled it out. Katie Lee could not wait to see the MeeMe (that is what she calls all cats). We thought that she might be a little scared of it. Wrong!! She was so excited that she would just shake her hands. Bless that poor kitten's heart. She just about squeezed it to death. (Remember Of Mice and Men) She really loved it and had so much fun playing with it. We have decided that she is NOT ready for a pet. She can just play with that cat.

Not sure why the pictures are so blurred. It may be because she was not still the entire time.


Alicia said...

That's so cute! I love her pushing it in her carriage. That's just precious.

Julie :) said...

Congrats on Katie Lee's new cousin. My heart skipped about 200 beats thinking that they were having a baby. Either way a new addition to any family is a blessing.