Monday, May 25, 2009

Supper at Aunt Kitty's

Sunday night, Kathryn had us over for supper. It was delicious as usual. Katie Lee has finally started calling Aunt Kitty by her name using words rather than Katie Lee's sign language version. It is really sweet listening to her call her especially since she thinks Aunt Kitty hung the moon.

Katie Lee got to play with the meme (cat) which has gotten much more active since the last time we played.

Somehow Katie Lee got in Zeb's boots and walked several steps across the floor.
Don't you think we should sing----"These boots are made for walking"

Over the last year, Donnie has let Katie Lee jump on the bed at home every night when he comes home. Well, this was something growing up that we were never allowed to do, and I really wish this had not been started at our house. Anyway, somehow Katie Lee has always gotten away with this. Not only that but she can get all of us to sit on the bed and watch her jump. She even gets my daddy away from the TV to sit on the bed with the rest of us to watch her jump. She is ROTTEN!!!! Boy it is amazing how people change when they become grandparents.HA HA
I really do love the fact that they are so crazy over her and she is so crazy over them too.


Alicia said...

I just love that she calls her Aunt Kitty. I think that's the cutest name ever.

Dana said...

I agree! The things Dylan and Kaylee get away with would have gotten me a beatin'. They get what they want as well. I guess it is good we have such wonderful parents! Looks like ya'll had a great night.