Saturday, May 9, 2009

Girl After My Own Heart

From time to time, I get on these spells to get rid of junk, and it usually ends with me throwing away something that gets me in trouble with Donnie. Well, I have been on this kick for about a month or so now, and I think that I must be rubbing off on Katie Lee. Katie Lee is always talking about who makes "A Mess" which is always "Dada" or "Pop Pop." Well, she has been talking about "Dada's mess" outside for a week now. He left the planter countainers out by the gargage where he plans to dig up some flowers and place it in. I guess Katie Lee was tired of seeing his mess and decided to be like me and take manners into her own hands. She picked them all up this afternoon and threw them in the garbage while he was washing the car and not really paying her any attention. (For the record, I in no way encourage or persauded her to do this.) The entire time she is taking care of business she is saying, "Dada, mess mess". I could not help but laugh at her. That's my girl!! :)

Watch out Poppie, your dirty shoes may be next!!

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Julie :) said...

Poor Donnie! Now he has too young ladies on his tail about cleaning up. Just hang in there Donnie... :)