Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa's Village.

For the longest I have wanted to take the littles to Santa's Village at Constitutional Village Museum in Huntsville and this year was the year. Kathryn, Mother, and I took the kids one Monday night early in December. It was great. The kids loved it and it was not very crowded so it was the best night.

There was lots of winter critters walking around and Katie Lee thought they were as great as the characters at Disney.  :)   

Katie Lee is ready to write her letter to Santa. 

What could be up this way?
Santa, of course.  
Katie Lee giving her list to Santa.  
Bless Sweet Langdon.  He sat with Santa (WHICH IS HUGE) but was not too sure of it.   

Daniel was more concerned with the "bobot" (robot) that he wanted to play with.  
Telling Santa about the bobot.  

Katie Lee told him that we did not have chimney.  He said not to worry and pulled out his special key.  She also wanted to know what was an easier way to get in--down the chimney or with the key.  She has this Santa business all figured out.   

Making cookies

It's snowing!!!!

Making ornaments and playing in Santa's workshop. 

Singing and making music.  

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Courtney said...

What a fun place to visit!