Monday, December 16, 2013

Disney on Ice

A couple weeks ago, Katie Lee's Daisy Troop had a special night at Disney on Ice. It was so cold and rainy that night and I was really NOT wanting to go. I really wanted to just go home that night put on our PJ's and stay home. I had already bought our tickets so Katie Lee, Daniel, and I headed out. We stopped in town for supper and Katie Lee was asleep by the time we got to town. I woke her up and we ate in the car while it was pouring down rain. ( I hate to drive in the rain and in Huntsville at night.)  We got onto I-65 and a light went on in my car saying the right tire was low. I am thinking this is my sign to turn around and go home but we pressed on and I prayed that we would not have a flat. We made it safely to the Civic Center. We find our seats and get ready for the show to begin.
To say that the kids loved it would be an understatement. Katie Lee sat glued to it not missing a moment. Daniel was SOOOO excited. This was his first time to watch and really know what was going on. He loved seeing MicMic Mouse. He would dance and if they would spin he would spin. He was so much fun to watch. Sometimes what seems like will be a terrible night turns out to be the best. This will be a special memory for me. I am so glad that I did not skip this.

Katie Lee's Daisy troop with an extra brother.   
This sweet little brother also thought he needed in the picture. 
Here comes Mickey and Minnie. 

Loving this picture.  They are taking it all in with BIG WIDE SMILES!!

Loves these two sweet babies!!

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Kathy said...

I remember being about 6 years old and my parents taking me to see the Ice Capades. I was so enthralled with it. I know your kids will remember this their whole lives. I'm so glad you didn't give up and go back home. It sounds as if it turned out to be a wonderful evening.