Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was wonderful. 
We enjoyed supper at my Aunt Mary's on Christmas Eve.  When we got home, it was time to set out the milk and cookies for Santa.  The cutest helpers sat Santa's treats  under the tree. 

 So stinkin' cute. 
Santa came!!!

 Katie Lee and Daniel getting their first look at their gifts. 
Daniel was so excited over his workbench and went straight to work. 

Pretty Katie Lee is ready to open her first gift. 

Lots of toys!!

Daniel showing off his knife. 

Katie Lee got a Kindle Fire. 

Christmas Breakfast.  I like to try and make our breakfast special. 

Stockings filled on the backs of their chairs. 

Lots of yummies. 


That afternoon, we headed to Virgil's to have Christmas with him. 

Christmas night we went to Mother and Daddy's for supper and gifts. 
We ate supper and went to church.  After church we came back for gifts and dessert. 

After church family picture.  Daniel was worn out and not feeling too good.  He missed his nap and was about done. 

Grammie/Meme and Poppie with their grandkids. 

Time to open presents. 
Katie Lee was all smiles and super excited. 

Daniel perked up when it was time for gifts. 

Kathryn gave Donnie a most useful gift in his favorite Alabama stocking.  

My sweet hubby and me.
Katie Lee had one more BIG gift. 

It is the Doc McStuffin's clinic.  The only thing she asked for this year. 
She was EXCITED!!

The boys were too. 

Sweet Langdon had a special gift for me.  He picked it our of his mommy's China cabinet.  He also picked out this special bag and wrote me a note on it.  I loved my salt shaker. 

My favorite sister. 

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

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