Thursday, February 2, 2012

We'll Take IT

So, Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow this morning. 6 more weeks of winter. If our winter continues like the 60+ degree weather this winter is bringing, we will be happy to keep it around for 6 more weeks. If not, then winter can go away. I love these spring like days.

Katie Lee is loving getting to play outside.

We made a "road" on the back porch for her to ride her bike.
Seeing this picture makes me think of all my big plans for the back yard. I love our big back porch, patio, and yard, but it needs lots of help to become the pretty inviting space that I want it to become. Lots of work for this spring and summer.

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The Barnett Family said...

I love this weather too....makes you in the mood for "Spring Fever"! I don't have it yet, guess becuz its still February. I have BIG plans for our backyard too one day or should I year!