Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

For most of the US, Super Bowl Sunday is a HUGE night. It is full of friends, food, and football. Even though I really am not a football fan of any sort, this game is always on in our house. Tonight we (Ok the guys) watched the game along with eating good food at Mother and Daddy's. I usually don't even know who is playing. This year however I did know that the Giants where and I hoped they would win. Know why?!?! One of the players went to my high school. Michael Boley, #59 for the Giants started out at Elkmont. Who would have thought that some kid from our small high school in Alabama would end up playing for the NFL let along getting to play in the Super Bowl. In the last few weeks I have thought about all of the boys in my 4th grade over the years who say they want to play in the NFL when they grow up and how they could be just like him one day. In our local paper he is quoted saying to kids,“If you have a dream, shoot for it. Don’t let anything tear you away from it.”

Congratulations Giants and Michael Boley!!!

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