Monday, February 13, 2012

Fun Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend. It began with supper at Mother and Daddy's Friday night with all the family. Saturday, we did a little shopping that afternoon and then Allie's 4th birthday party that night.

Happy Birthday Allie.

Katie Lee had so much fun.

Sunday was a great day at church and time with family.

I think this was Daniel's favorite part. When we came home from church, he was so happy to stretch out. Doesn't he look LONG?!?!?

It was also a special day because Katie Lee earned her Lalaloopsy car. You know she LOVES Lalaloopsy. She saw these at Wal-Mart in January and wanted it then. Since it was right after Christmas and she needed nothing new, she had to earn it. For everyday that she was on her best behavior she got to color a letter or put a sticker on it. She is so proud of herself and excited about earning her car. She went to bed playing with it and got up playing with it.

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