Friday, February 3, 2012

It's A Party

Tonight this sweet one hosted a Valentine Party for her Grammie, Aunt Kitty, and Langdon.

She worked really hard to make the decorations.

She prepared the food and tasted everything to make sure it was delicious.

Dining room set for Valentine's. (The cute sign a free print from Pinterest in a Dollar Tree frame that I spray painted. The pink tree is from Hobby Lobby 80% off after Christmas with heart ornaments.)

The table was set for supper.

Each adult guest got a vintage inspired towel. The little ones got goodies too.

Katie Lee worked really hard setting the table including the place cards that she made.

These two sweet boys enjoyed the party even if they were too young to eat the food. :)

Katie Lee finished the night by inviting herself to spend the night with Aunt Kitty.

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