Friday, January 22, 2010

What A Surprise

it was picking Katie Lee up this afternoon and looking over to see our home going up!! I really did not think that they would even work over there today, but they ended up getting a lot done. I know we still have a LONG way to go. James told me today that we needed to pick out our doors and windows this weekend. We also have to get brick and check on the showers. Things are moving and I just hope that it will not rain too much the spring so they can keep right along moving. Maybe we can be in sooner than I think!!!


Julie :) said...

Your house is looking AWESOME!! Not too long till you move in!

Erica said...

Congrats........maybe it will keep moving quickly! I know you're excited! Can't wait to see more progress pics!

Amber Ellis said...

I just gave you an award! Go here to check it out!