Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starts with a Solid Foundation

The blocks for our new home was laid last week. I am getting so excited even though I know that will be a long time until we will be moving in. I cannot wait to start picking out all of the new stuff for the inside. I have been researching (magazine reading and blog searching) for inspiration. Lots of decisions to make.
Last week, Mother was going through some old things and found a house plan that she had seen on a tour of homes several years ago. She had saved it because she really liked it. It was our house plan!! How funny is that? The house was out in East Limestone so we drove out to it the other day. Getting to see a real house like the one that we are building made it even more exciting.

This is the view of our home from Mother and Daddy's. I am really looking forward to moving across the road from my parents and Jane& Gary and right beside Scott & Stephanie. I believe that we can really have a bunch of fun being all together.


Beth said...

I know you are sooooo excited. Keep us posted with the pictures. I am sure it will be beautiful!!!

Al and Brooke said...

I am so excited for ya'll! I can't wait to see all of your ideas, might have to steal a couple. Just kidding!! Ya'll always decorate so pretty, I am going to need some help!!