Saturday, January 16, 2010

View from Our Backyard

Today is one of those rainy days where it is just good to stay home. Well, that is just what we've done today. Donnie and I worked all morning cleaning while Katie Lee played and spread her toys back all over the living room floor. As I was going through some pictures, I found some from last week's snow. I thought that they turned out pretty. I love the snow the day or two when it is here but then as soon as it leaves, I am ready for spring!!

This is the Rails to Trails walking path. As you can tell most of the snow was gone by the time this one was taken but I think the trees look pretty.I did not realize how close it really is in our back yard. This use to be an old train track. It has now been made into several miles of walking, biking, and horse trails that runs from Veto to Piney Chapel. I have been told that supposedly there are lost treasures from the Civil War back there. Could be true since the war came right through here with several battles at Sulpher Creek led by Gen N.B. Forrest. It really looked beautiful from our backdoor the other day as the snow was falling on it. I am sure that it will look just as lovely in the spring as the dogwood trees bloom.

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