Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Night

Christmas night we celebrated with Mother, Daddy, Kathryn, Zeb, and Langdon. 
 Mother had a little table set for the little ones. 
 Ready for gifts.  Katie Lee of course knew exactly what opening gifts was all about.  The little boys was not as excited.  I opened one for Daniel and they were both set to play.  Part of Langdon's gift from us was a wooden stick horse.  They both liked it but we had to move it because it became dangerous.   
 Katie Lee got the one thing she wanted most... A DocMcStuffins' Doctor's Kit.  This was one hard to find item.  Only KMart carried it so Poppie and Grammie made several trips to different ones trying to find it. 

 Little boys had to take a break in the middle of opening their gifts to share some applesauce. 
 Grammie and Katie Lee
 Sweet hugs for Poppie too. 
 Too much paper on the floor so Langdon decided it needed to be cleaned up. 
We did a terrible job of getting family pictures of everyone like we normally did, but everyone was with us. 

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