Monday, March 1, 2010

C is for Cupcakes

After a sickly week for Katie Lee, she was feeling much better by the weekend. She stills has a terrible cough that may last until summer if she is like me, but other than that I think she is fine. Saturday looked like such a nice day to get out for a little while. We called Aunt Kitty to see if she wanted to go eat lunch with us. I told Katie Lee that I was going to take her for a special lunch at a cupcake restaurant. She was so excited about the idea of getting a cupcake. (You would think that the poor girl never gets any.) So off we went to pick up Aunt Kitty and to get lunch. The sandwiches were really good. I had turkey and they both had ham. We all gobbled those up. My combo meal came with a cupcake that Katie Lee got to pick out. I wish that I had my camera. She was so excited looking through the glass at the yummy looking cupcakes. Anyway, she enjoyed it. She ate the icing off of it. Aunt Kitty and I ate the cake part which we were both sadden by the fact that it tasted more like corn bread. We decided our cupcakes were much better, and for $2.00 a little cake we could get rich. HA!

After lunch, we went to Huntsville to our favorite place.

Katie Lee was excited. Boy have we trained her well. She sang her Hobby Lobby song as soon as we turned in. Aunt Kitty let her pick our cupcake holders for some good cupcakes.

Last night, Aunt Kitty had Katie Lee Dora cupcakes ready. They were much better than the cornbread ones the day before.


Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

I love that little Katie Lee, and I'm so glad she's feeling better. There's no one else I'd rather make cupcakes for.

The Barnett Family said...

Did you try out our new place in town....Nana's Cupcakes? We stopped the other day to buy some cupcakes, but she did not have any flavors that the kiddos wanted. Oh well, guess we will try another day or not! Homemade is always better anyways.

Sallye said...

I love cupcakes! They're such fun little treats. Have you tried GiGi's cupcakes in Huntsville? I love to see those cute boxes come home.