Saturday, March 20, 2010

Around the House

These beautiful days are helping get work done on our house. Hopefully, shingles will go on this week, windows and tubs will be ordered, and things can keep on moving.

Front view this week---doghouses, porch, and front gable have been finished.
back of the house---gables and porch worked on
Katie Lee's favorite view--looking out her bathroom at Grammie and Poppie's house across the road
You may not be able to tell a lot about the rooms right now but here are a few.

kitchen and sitting room
stairs got built this week--Katie Lee's new favorite
part of the upstairs area
master bedroom--- bath and closet is behind the bedroom
living room
dining room

This afternoon we headed to Sir's looking for ideas for fabric. I found "THE ONE" for drapes for my dining room earlier this week at JoAnn's. I had hoped that I could luck up and find it at Sir's for A LOT less, but they did not have it. I did find some for Katie Lee's bathroom, playroom, and kitchen that I like really well and may have to get later on.

Katie Lee was loving her Aunt Kitty today especially since she would let her out of the stroller and hold her hand. She walked through those antique stores on the square with one hand in Aunt Kitty's and the other in her pocket. We told her she had to keep it in her pocket so she would not be tempted to touch something. :) It worked really well!!


無尾熊可愛 said...
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Kathy Smith said...

Your house is looking great. I can't wait until y'all move in!

Alicia said...

Your house is coming right along! I love that back porch! Katie Lee is such a calm & proper little lady. The picture of her and Aunt Kitty is priceless! Love it.