Sunday, June 23, 2013

On Our Way!!

Friday we headed to Disney World.

We had one sad little stop before we left--leaving Daniel at Grammie and Poppie's. Daniel, however, was not the least bit phased by us leaving. He was busy playing on the porch. BiG THANKS to Grammie and Poppie for letting him stay this week.

Katie Lee was super excited about our trip.   Grammie had her a surprise box of goodies to play with on our trip.   
Driving is serious business in Donnie's world.  Thanks to his best Father's Day gift, a GPS, we were in ready. 
Studying the maps of the parks to make her plans. 
Mother and I did not realize that each other had surprises for the long trip.  Minnie Mouse sent a bag full of fun things for Katie Lee.  (Minnie must be great at finding bargains in the dollar bins and clearance.)  I found this cute bag at the Dollar General and it worked perfect. 
Each "gift" was wrapped and labeled with a number making the gifts last for the whole ten hours.   I also made an autograph book for her to use on our trip.   
Lots of fun books to draw, color, and play with.  I also had a few movies that she has not watched in a while along with the ride. 
Lots of Disney pictures coming soon!!!

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