Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 2 --Hollywood Studios

Sunday morning, we got up and headed to church.  After church the preacher's wife comes up to me and said that she thinks she knows me.  Come to find out she went to high school with me and we both played trumpet in the band together.  I haven't seen her in 17 years!! Talk about a small world.  They live near Panama City and he was just there as a visiting preacher that Sunday. 
 After church and change of clothes we headed to Hollywood Studios for lunch at Hollywood and Vine with some Disney Jr. characters. 

 Jake is her favorite. 

 Ready to check out the park.
 We watched the Little Mermaid. 
 Could not resist this funny picture.  Katie Lee had just found some kind of coloring/drawing characters activity.  His words, "we payed all this money for her to color?"  HA
 She was so excited to see the Playhouse Disney Show. 
 Taking it all in. 
 Doc McStuffins!! Oh how she loves her. 

 Waiting in the LONG line for the Toy Story Ride. 

 Finally ready for the ride with 3D glasses on. 
 Then it was off to the Tower of Terror.  She was so ready for this,  until it began to drop. 
 Needless to say, she HATED that ride.  The only frown and tears  for the entire week came from that one ride.  I was afraid that would make her not want to ride anymore but I was wrong. 
 We watched a great Beauty and the Beast play. 

 Ready to head back to the room.

More fun to come. 

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