Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 5 Magic Kingdom again

We headed back to the Magic Kingdom with a plan to make sure we hit all of the rides that we had not gotten to ride yet.

Katie Lee was up and ready to go.   
So stickin' cute. 
Hurry up so we don't miss the bus. 
The castle taken from the front where you get on the train.  This was our first ride of the day so we could quickly get to Frontier Land. 
Waiting on the train.
First up was the log ride.  She was not sure about it the day before.  In her head, the logs were real.  She felt much better after the saw what it was.  She could not wait.  I did not ride this one because I wanted a picture of them and I really did not want to be wet first thing in the morning. 
She LOVED it!!!

We rode lots of rides and I did not get pictures from all. She also loved the roller coasters. 
A little Pixie Dust just for Aunt Kitty.  (Got to love some glitter Aunt Kitty.)

Loved Briar Rabbit growing up. 
As I said before I love all the attention to detail that is taken. 
Can't have a trip to Disney without checking out the sweets. 

We had this little treat when we came back to our room. 
Don't she look so grown up. 

We had supper at the Grand Floridian.  It was such a pretty place. 

Katie Le eating supper.  Not her best eating that night.  Mac-n-cheese and butter with bread. 

Cinderella had her family was our visitors that night.  These were some of our favorite. 

The evil step sisters were a hoot. 
Prince Charming. 

That night Katie Lee was ready to head back to the resort after supper.  For a special treat they had a movie on the lawn.  It just happen to be Cinderella.  What a perfect way to end the night. 

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