Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Parties, Parties, Parties

Saturday was full of parties for us. Mother, Kathryn and I attended the Jessica Elkins Tea Party. Katie Lee and Donnie attended James' 3rd birthday party. Both were wonderful!
I got to James' party at the end. All of the rain that day did not stop them from having a ton of fun. All the little girls were jumping in mud puddles. Katie Lee told me that they were little pigs. She had a ball. Anything involving getting wet and playing in the rain is right up her alley.

The tea party was very pretty. It just amazes me at all of the different ideas for tablescapes. Kathryn's table was beautiful. I should have let her be a guest blogger and describe her table, or she could just start her blog back up again, (HINT HINT, sissy) Anyway, she set a blue and white table. It was gorgeous as always.

Here are a few of the other tables.

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