Sunday, September 26, 2010

Katie Lee's Favorite Parts of the Zoo Trip

On the way home from the zoo, we asked Katie Lee what was her favorite part of seeing the zoo. She quickly referred back to her map which she "read" and kept us going in the right directions all day and said that it was petting the goat and the park. I just laughed because both of those we could have done right here.

This was by far my least favorite play area of any place that we have been. It was very closed up and very maze like, so it was hard to see where Katie Lee was going. Donnie spent a lot of time inside while I stayed on the outside trying to keep an eye on her.

I think that it was suited for older kids. (meaning elementary age children)

They did have a great jumping area that was perfect for kids her age.

She loved brushing the goats. This surprised me because she doesn't even like dogs.

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Dana said...

Love the pictures from the zoo. Dylan and Kaylee loved looking at the pics. They love the Nashville Zoo. I understand about the play area. We always make the twins stay in just the jumping area. The other part is not set up for younger children. They should work on that. Glad everyone had a great trip!