Wednesday, June 23, 2010


That what it is when buying gifts for my dear sweet husband. He is the BEST gift giver. He always gets me the perfect gift for every occasion. I, on the other hand, can never seem to give him the "perfect" gift. Every since we met, I have had the hardest time buying him gifts. I can buy clothes,but when your wear an UPS uniform 5 days a week you really don't need a lot of clothes for the weekend. I try so hard to buy for him. Our first Christmas, he had talked about wanting some kind of play station thing. ( A friend of his had one and loved it, so Donnie wanted one too.) I got it for him and was so excited to give it to him. Well, it sat in the box in the extra bedroom for like two months to be taken out and played once maybe twice. Then for another holiday he had mentioned wanting a smoker. He likes to grill, so I thought that would be great. I give it to him. It sat unassembled in the box in our garage at our old house until it was moved to the garage here at this house. It still has not been used!!! The year he got his new truck, his birthday was right around the corner. Perfect! A tool box for his gift. Well, he told me that he needed to pick it out so we went to Tractor Supply to pick it out. They were going to plan on putting them on sale the next week so he wanted to wait until then. 70,000 miles later, he has never gone back to get one.

Do y'all see my trouble here!!!

I say all of this to bring you up to present day---Our Anniversary! A few months ago I found the prettiest fabrics for drapes for my dining room. It was going to cost a good bit and I hated to spend that kind of money. I could not get my mind off of it though, so I told Donnie that he could give me that for our anniversary. So Friday night, Donnie and I went to Nashville (the only place around here that had it) to buy the fabric and have a date night. He really did not want to go since we had just driven back from Florida the night before, but being sweet like he is he took me. Here again I got just what I wanted, and had no idea what to get him. You know it was also Father's Day weekend which meant two gifts!!! I got him a knife for Father's Day which he will just put up with the others he has. Then, I decided that I would go back to the Fossil store and get him a watch. He had looked at some a few weeks back. Perfect surprise!! Wrong again! When he opened the pretty silver watch (he always picks out silver watches), I told him that if it was not the one he was looking at he could take it back. He tells me that he was looking at a gold one!!
I should have known!!!

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Harbin Family said...

This is hilarious! I have always had trouble finding Kasey presents, too. But, now I don't feel so bad after reading your post. I think he has Kasey topped! Ha! Ha!