Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out of the Blue

Katie Lee has become the social butterfly these days and loves talking to people. (just like her daddy) She just seems to say whatever comes to mind even if it may not be the best time.

Katie Lee said,
To the truck beside us in traffic, " My daddy's truck is faster than yours."

To the lady at the Liz store, "We caught a fox in our back yard."

To the lady in the bathroom at Cracker Barrell, " Did you remember to wipe?"

To the watress at the Chop House, " Do you read my blog?"

To me, " I want to just go to college at Athens tomorrow OK"

To everyone we see, "Come to my house on 127 beside Molly sometimes"


Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

From the mouth of babes...

I love it! Especially the one about wiping. Did the lady hear her? That's just too funny!

The Barnett Family said...

Too funny...well, did she remember to wipe and wash her hands??? Kiddos are so funny and honest!

Little Gifts From God said...

Those are so funny! By the way I really loved Katie Lee's hair on Valentine's Day!

Erica said...

I have to agree with Kathryn....my favorite was the one about wiping! Ava has done stuff like that before....except she wants to know who's on the potty with us!!!! Priceless! Our babies are so innocent!

Al and Brooke said...

Too Funny!! I love it!