Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Dreaming

As the snow was pouring down this morning, my class was full of excitement. We could not take our eyes off of the big snowflakes falling outside. Every chance they would get, my students would have to look for something on the bookshelf where the two big windows are in our room. Just as quickly as it can, it left. Sadly, it was mostly gone by the time my kiddos got home from school. I really hate that they missed out on playing in it. As much as I love snow, I could not help but day dream of spring. I am so ready to see these blooming all around.

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The Barnett Family said...

My kids at school could not keep their eyes off the window either, so we went outside for about 5 mins and enjoyed the falling snow. Just walked around with our tongues hanging of the benefits of being at our wonderful school....very laid back! I love spring too!