Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Disney World Vacation--Day 1- Epcot

After much anticipation the time finally came for out Disney trip. The littles were so excited and did so well on the long drive to Orlando.  We arrived late Saturday night and stayed at a hotel outside the Disney property.  The next day we headed to the park.  We first checked in at our resort.  This time we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and we loved it.  Daniel and Langdon really loved it because we had PIRATE ship beds!!  
Quick pictures as we get checked in. 
These three could hardly wait.  The sun was bright so this was Daniel's way to shade his eyes. 
Finally we hit the park.  First up Epcot. 
We had great fast passes so we were ready for rides.  The first one was Soaring.  I was a little nervous with this one being the first ride for the boys but they loved it. 
We were then onto the next rides.  The kids loved it all.  
Daniel did not like being inside this shark. 
Love these three. 

After waiting out a huge rainstorm we headed around the world to dry out.  With their Duffy's in hand Katie Lee and Daniel are ready to explore. 

Katie Lee with Mulan. 

We just happened to run upon Tigger and Pooh.  I am disappointed my pictures did not turn out. 

After our visit with Pooh and Tigger the little ones danced to some great music. 

Even Donnie got in on the fun.  The kids thought that was so funny. 

Finally it was time to find our spot for the fireworks.  This is one of my favorite parts. 

We headed back to our ships for a good night of sleep. 
They were out in no time.

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