Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Camping Out

At the end of May, Katie Lee and her friends had a camp out. That's right a CAMP OUT outside in tents!! Luckily it was not true roughing it.  We camped out in the backyard of the Simmons' so we had quick access to the bathroom and we were not too far out in the wild.  HA

As soon as we arrived the girls hopped in the creek.  They had so much fun. 

As the evening went on, we roasted hotdogs for supper and made smores. 

Katie Lee got this marshmallow a little too done so she gave it to me. 
We finally got all the girls settled and a sleep.  Thankfully I ran back home for our air mattress, so we had a pretty good night's rest. 
Up bright and early the next morning. 
Warming up and drying out shoes. 

Thankful for this good little bunch of girls. 

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