Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beach trip Part 3--Fun all around

You cannot go to the beach without eating good food and doing a little shopping.

Luckily, we also found some fun placed to play too.  Daniel loved to slide.   
Katie Lee having fun. 

My sweet sun babies. 

We visited Seaside one day.  It is such a pretty little beach community. 

My handsome boys. 
I see the ocean. 

This was one of my favorite houses.  I would have loved to have gotten a closer picture, but the owners were sitting on the front porch.  This home screamed southern comfort.  They were also from Alabama.

I wanted to take pictures of a lot of other buildings but it was so crowded. 

I did finally get a couple of pictures of me. 

I always see pictures of pictures of people sitting in the big chair at the Back Porch
(Great place to eat.).  My two would not sit in the chair for anything. 

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