Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July Fun

A week... Here is how we celebrated the 4th.

We celebrated the 4th with supper at Mother and Daddy's.  Daniel was excited about his lemonade. 

Langdon settled for a few chips. 

Then it was on to some yummy watermelon. 

Katie Lee came in all her sparkle.  Check out the shoes.  We found those as we were cleaning out Virg's house to sell.  She LOVES these shoes and has worn them ALL THE TIME!!

I have been going through pictures and realized that I am never in the pictures at celebrations, so I am going to try and get someone to take my picture more often. 
Daddy and me.
with my sweet Katie Lee.  

Daniel and Langdon were so busy fixing Poppie's golf cart.

Me with my other sweet baby, Daniel.

Cannot forgot my big sweetheart, Donnie. 

It must be a mother thing because Mother is never in pictures either.  These two boys are too busy to stop for a good picture. 

Ready for a boys ride on the ranger.  

Katie Lee still playing in her shoes. 

She will always stop for a pretty picture with Grammie. 

Katie Lee loves to be the photographer. 

Running  after lightning bugs. 

By the end of the night the boys were ready to settle down.  I asked what them what they were doing.  Langdon said, "Sitting with Uncle DonDon.  I love him."  Then he gives him a big kiss.  

(Side note:  Kathryn and Zeb were at home recovering from his recent surgery. We missed them a bunch.)

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