Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trains and Pumpkins

A few weeks ago, we planned a family trip to the pumpkin patch travelling on a train. What could be better than a pumpkin patch and a train ride?  The kids were so excited. 

Waiting to board the train.   

All Aboard

Daniel talked about Tom Tom train all week long.  He was so excited.

Getting our ticket punched. 

Once this "speedy" train started, Daniel was not too sure what to think.  He would not move. 

Langdon checked out all of the "wildlife"(aka concrete animals)   along the ride. 
About 5 minutes after we left station, we arrived at the pumpkin patch yard. 
Daniel was all about picking up the pumpkins and then throwing them back down. 

Katie Lee was very disappointed with the pumpkin patch.  After going to Tate's and Lyon's farm, a yard of pumpkins is a great disappointment.  :(

Our attempt at a family picture before we were told that we could not stand in front of the truck because we were not paying customers.  (You would have thought what we paid for the train ride would have included using an old truck for a picture.)
Kathryn, Zeb and Langdon with their big pumpkin. 


The train cars were actually really neat old passenger cars. 
All smiles with their pumpkins. 
What's a train ride without singing the Wheels on the Car with everyone in the on the train. 

The men had a swell time, but were pretty good sport. 

Overall the kids had a great time.  The adults were disappointed in it, but the kids' smiles was worth it. 

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Kathy said...

A train ride and pumpkins -- what could be better? That's a shame about the picture. You can't get a picture with an old car? Give me a break.