Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fiddler's Convention

One of our favorite fall things is going to the Fiddler's Convention at Athens State each year. This year it was very hot compared to last year.

This was Daniel's first time and he loved it and was sound asleep by the time it was over. 

Daniel found Mr. Frank soon after we got there and they had to talk a walk.   
Katie Lee loved sitting and listening to Uncle Freddy and the other sing and play. 

Lots of groups singing and playing all around the campus. 
Katie Lee could not wait to make sand art.  This is her tradition each year. 

Langdon had a list of things to do.  Listen to Freddy play, eat good, get lemon-aide, and get his face painted.  He loved it. 

My sweet littles. 

Daniel playing his guitar stick. 

A little buck dancing. 

Ready to listen to some of the competitors. 


Wonder what these two are up to?

Bet it did not make one of them happy.  :)

Loving fall!!!

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