Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This and That

Since Donnie got a call from a buddy telling that I had been neglecting my blog, here is a hint of what has been going on lately. It is amazing to me that it is the middle of October and we have finished the first nine weeks of school. Oh, how I miss my fall break!! Time is flying. Christmas will be here in no time. I have started my shopping but has a long way to go. I am planning a birthday party for a little one who is turning 1. Can you believe that?!?!? I hope it comes together the way it does in my head. I have not taken nearly as many picutres as I normally do but we have been busier than normal, but here are a few.

Sunday morning we were actually was ready with time to spare to take a picture before church.   
This little cute one is growing and changing daily.
The turtle man has nothing on this one. She will hold a turtle with her bare hands. "That's real live action. YeeYeeYee."
Makes me smile.
A big helper.
These two are the best of buddies. Langdon just takes care of Daniel. Just ask him who he loves and D is the answer. He always makes sure the save some of his food for Daniel and loves to hug and kiss him. Melts my heart.
Katie Lee is still loving school. It is AWESOME!! She is so proud that she has not had her name on the board or gotten off green on the behavior chart. She loves to come home and play school.

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