Thursday, June 14, 2012

What A Week!!

I love the lazy days of summer, but so far we have been super busy. I am hoping that after this week things will slow down and we will enjoy lots of fun times at home. One of the things that I love about summer is that I never know what day it is because it doesn't matter. Everyday is an easier day. This week we have been so busy. Here is a little peek of what has been going on in our family. We have spent some time having fun playing at home. Katie Lee decided that Daniel needed all of his toys to play with. This picture was taking one night after VBS. These two little ones were looking cute playing in the floor together. Daniel is loving bath time now that he can sit up better. He will just splash the water and laugh. We are having VBS this week at church. Katie Lee is loving it. (She has been to church every night for the last two weeks with both VBS that she has attended.) I am so proud of all she is learning. Daniel started going to class a few weeks ago. He is still too little to do a lot but he is taking it all in. In addition to all of this, Katie Lee is taking swimming lessons this week. I am not sure if she will be swimming like a fish but she has made some great improvements from last year. I hope that by next week we are spending more time at home. I have a long summer bucket list of things that I want to get done for the house. I also want to get several things done for my classroom for next year. But above all, I want to spend as much time as possible enjoying my two little ones!!! Hope everyone else is having a great summer.

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