Saturday, April 2, 2011

Katie Lee-ism's

Here lately you never know what Katie Lee is going to say next. She really cracks me up.

If she sees a police car---"Mommy, who is getting incarcerated."

She asked Poppie what time Wal-Mart closed and he told her that they stay open all night. Her response, " so they must be nocturnal, like bats."

We were talking about all of the new babies coming into the family, Kathryn, Laura, and Paige. She says, "I think we have about babied out."

A few weeks ago, we were grocery shopping and she spotted pink milk. She says, "Mommy, we need to get some of this pink milk because it is very fashionable this year."

Driving down the road, "Mommy turn the radio down, I cannot work under these conditions."

If she likes how you look, she will say, "you look very debonair. "

She was making crafts with Grammie. She said, "Grammie keep this because it is an heirloom."

If something breaks---"I guess we will have to call the caplumber."

She ate chocolate and I told her that it looked like she had eaten mud. Her response, "Positively not"

When Aunt Kitty had Langdon and she and mother had been up to their house helping out, she informed me that if we had 20 babies we would need lots of assistance.


A Lovell said...

Sounds like you have been reading lots of Fancy Nancy books!

Amber said...

Haha!! What a smart girl! Sounds like you have your hands full ;)

Ruth said...

I love her vocabulary. It seems to be advantageous for her to have a wonderful teacher, her mommy!!

Alicia said...

Such properness does not surprise me from this little gal! It sounds like she'll be carrying on the southern belle tradition!

The Burns Family said...

Absolutely adorable! I love it!

ArchaeologyAnna said...

Soooooo cute!

Julie :) said...

Too cute and mature! What a great vocabulary...Olivia must be paying off. :)