Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 Weekend

This past weekend was full of Easter festivities. We had so much fun. Saturday morning we headed over to the Moss' for an Easter egg hunt with friends from church. I think that all of the kids had so much fun!

An attempt to capture a picture of everyone. HA HA
Katie Lee loved finding eggs!
Donnie came along to help Chris with the tables and hiding the eggs.
Sunday morning, Katie Lee woke up before 7 which is rare for her because she was ready to open her Easter basket. (On a side note, it is amazing all I got done because we were up early. We usually sleep and then rush. HA HA ) She was so excited and had to lay everything out and try on her new rain boots.
Easter dress
Attempt to have a family picture.
Donnie and Katie Lee's picture turned out cute.
Kind of getting silly with the pictures by the time it came to our pictures.
After church, Katie Lee hunted eggs at Mother and Daddy's house. She really had to hunt for these eggs. I got so tickled at how she would miss the ones right in front of her but could find ones hidden better.

Sunday night we had Easter supper at Mother and Daddy's. Boy was it good!! Katie Lee and Langdon all dressed in their Easter frocks.
Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter weekend.

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Amber said...

Sweet! I just LOVE her Easter dress. She looks like a little Strasburg model!