Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Warm Days and Lots of Projects

A couple Saturday's ago, we had the best weather. It was so nice having warm weather since it has been so cold and so much snow. I don't know how people up north stand cold weather and snow. I am ready for 70 degree days.
Anyway, this nice Saturday allowed me lots of time to get some projects done. It was also very helpful since I hosted a baby shower for Kathryn this past Sunday. Nothing like a shower and company to get a honey-do list knocked out.

Katie Lee had so much fun playing outside. She even got "Uncle Scott" out to play. She told me she needed some "Scott Time."

Beginnings of a project for the playroom. More to come on this later.
This once white, then blue, then black desk is getting yet another new look. I will have pictures soon of all my finished projects.

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