Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What A Name

Tonight we had PTO Open House at school. As I was signing in, Katie Lee decided that she needed to sign in too. I gave her a sheet of paper and she wrote her name! This was the first time she has written all of it (including the K which is hard for kids to get) without any help. I was so proud of her. She was super proud too and had to show it off to all the teachers and principals.
She wrote the first three letters with her left hand and the last two with her right. I really think she is going to be ambidextrous.

Mrs. Nancy let her get a treat for writing so well and Mrs. Epp gave her candy!

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Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

Yay Katie Lee! Who knew she'd get so smart by spending a day with her Aunt Kitty?!?! :)