Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pool Time

If you ever look at the other blogs I follow on the right side of my page, you will see Miss Janice. She is this cute, preppy southern lady who has a thing for style. She always post about what she wears. It is always pink and green and super preppy usually Lily. She is also an expect at etiquette. Today I thought I would do a Katie Lee version of "What did I wear."

Here's what Katie Lee wore.

A bright pink butterfly hairbow--made by me a couple years ago
Pink ballerina swimsuit--from Tar-jay---that is what Miss Janice calls it
Purple heart rainboots--from Wal-Mart
Pink Dora sunglasses --gift
Katie Lee has this thing lately about wearing odd shoes, so as long as it is at home or where it really doesn't matter she can go for it.

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