Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was one of those great busy days filled with lots of fun. We first had to put flowers on Donnie's parents graves. This caused lots of questions from someone who just could not quite understand. Katie Lee loved helping her Daddy put the flowers on.
After that we did a little furniture shopping. I am still not sure what I want for our living room, but found this and I think it is just beautiful.

Yesterday afternoon, we headed to the Kiddie Carnival. Katie Lee has been talking about going for several weeks after seeing a picture from it last year. It hasn't opened yet but they had a fund raiser yesterday so we joined in on the fun. She road EVERYTHING including the big swings and that silly spinning thing.

After that we headed to Logan's for supper, Wal-Mart, and then a visit to Virgil's. She had lots of treats waiting on her there including several toy necklaces that he won for her playing BINGO.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sounds like the perfect family day. I love those kind of days. Hugs, Marty

A Lovell said...

I'm a little seems like so much fun shopping for all new stuff (furniture, fixtures, etc.) for a new house. I'm sure it's not really ALL fun, but it seems like it would be. Can't wait to see the finished product after the 3 Smith girls are finished decorating.