Thursday, October 22, 2009

Product Recommendation

Hi All, I am still here, but my home computer is still not working correctly. It has so major issues and I will probably have to get a new one very soon. I have so many pictures and posts. We have been super busy with the move and selling our house. I hope our new house will begin soon and I can start posting about it too.
Today, I just have a product to brag on. MEAN GREEN.
This stuff is great! Donnie got some to tackle one of the bathrooms at our new house. That bathroom is hopeless; however, I did use it in another bathroom and it worked wonders on the tile. You know that old 4 inch tile that people use to use in those lovely shades of mint green, pink, or blue. Well, we have mint green. :) I had mopped it several times with Clorox and the grout was still gross. MEAN GREEN came to the rescue. I now have much whiter grout between the each green tile.

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