Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cooler Weather= New Shoes

Well, the mornings this week have been a bit cooler which means my favorite time of the year is here---FALL!! As most of you know, Katie Lee has been super attached to her Dora flip flops all summer. I have been able to get her to just wear them in the car and then put on her real shoes when we get to our destination. I was not sure what I was going to do this fall and winter when she would need her piggy toes covered. Wear socks with flops of course not!! Well, Monday night we were at Wal-Mart looking in the shoes for some new play shoes and she spotted them!!!
Princess Boot House shoes.
She was super excited over them and I caved in and got them for her. I did however, tell her that she could only wear them around the house.

Here she is in her princess boots with wand and crown giving her princess wave.


The Barnett Family said...

She can sure strike a pose...cutie pie!!!!

A Lovell said...

Striking a pose, too!!! Very cute.